At the True-Life Taxidermy Studio, your finished trophy is the result of an award winning team collaboration. From skinning to adding the appropriate habitat, your trophies are handled professionally at each stage by an accomplished wildlife artist.

“Our superior design and craftsmanship brings the art of taxidermy to the highest standard”

Tony has over 40 years of taxidermy experience, including his years working with the New York Museum of Natural History and has also worked for both Jonas brothers’ under Steve Horn in New York and Joe Kish in Denver. Tony has been with Bob Vitro for the last 14 years. He and Bob have created some remarkable works of art. Tony has multiple awards for his exceptional fine detailed work on large African mounts. Tony has ventured to Africa over a dozen times to do extensive research of the characteristics of numerous African animals. Making death masks, taking exceptional photography in detail has enabled him to collect a tremendous worth of knowledge in his trade.

Charlie Zgrodek has been with True-Life since 1997. Charlie found his
passion for taxidermy at the young age of eight. He started at True-Life
mounting deer heads and advanced to being a Master Taxidermist in recreating the beauty of birds, ducks, and turkeys. Charlie is very good at turning a complicated mount into a breathtaking piece of art. He has won over thirty-two awards from Best Of Category, Jack Wilson Award, Best Waterfowl Award, Breakthrough Award, Presidents Award, Blue Ribbon Masters, & Division of Excellence Award. Charlie is always the first to Thank Bob for allowing him to live out his dreams and have a career that he loves.
Dustin is new to the True-Life Taxidermy Team. He specializes in mounting whitetails & completing finish work on complicated pieces. He takes the attention to detail very seriously when mounting trophies. Dustin is a wildlife artist, having won many awards for his drawings and paintings. Dustin is a great new addition to our Award Winning Team of Wildlife Artists.
Carlos has been with True-Life for 5 years, he takes care of all the unprocessed game that comes in. He is an expert at skinning and preparing a cape before it goes through the tanning process. Carlos also prepares a skin after it’s tanned by detailing the lips, eyes, and nose to a paper-thin perfection which allows great detail to be put into mount.
Dominick is in charge of all the fish that come into True-Life. He specializes in fish replicas of the highest quality, as well as conventional fish taxidermy using the real skin. All Dominick’s mounts are hand painted. He has years of experience in studying the patterns and colors of all fish species. With his knowledge of a fish's anatomy he can bring the realism back to your mount. Dominick has won numerous awards for his fish taxidermy work.  
Blake is True-Life's receptionist, she handles running the showroom & all the calls that come into the office. Whether picking up a mount or simply
dropping off she will always be here to help you with any of your questions. She can be assistance to you when picking a pose and adding a seasonal habitat. When stopping in at True-Life or calling on the phone you will always be greeted by Blake's smile


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